The territorial police in Rukungiri have apprehended a 40-year-old man on suspicion of murdering his 39-year-old nephew. The accused individual goes by the name Apollo Niwenyesiga Kabududu and resides in Nyakabare cell, Central Ward, Kebisoni Town Council in Rukungiri district.

It is alleged that he used a hoe to fatally assault Darius Turyamwijuka, a fellow resident of the same area.The incident reportedly occurred on the evening of October 31, 2023, at around 7:00 PM in Nyakabare cell.

The deceased, who was under the influence of alcohol, returned home and encountered his uncle, Apollo Niwenyesiga Kabududu. A heated argument ensued, during which the deceased struck his uncle with a stick on two occasions. In response to this provocation, the accused, in a fit of anger, seized a hoe and repeatedly struck the victim on the head and back, leading to his untimely demise.

Tragically, a 5-year-old child named Ainemani Franklin was present during this harrowing incident and began crying, drawing the attention of Kabyesiza Edson, who arrived at the scene and discovered Darius’s lifeless body in a pool of blood. Edson promptly informed the area Chairperson, Katamba Richard, who reported the matter to the Kebisoni Police Station.

Subsequently, the crime scene was investigated, and the murder weapon, a hoe, was recovered as evidence.

The suspect, Apollo Niwenyesiga Kabududu, was arrested and is currently in custody at CPS Rukungiri, while the deceased’s body was transported to the mortuary at Rwakabengo Health Center III for a postmortem examination. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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  • Mwalimu Elias


    These days murder is on rrise.personally I attribute this to poverty and drug abuse

  • Edith


    The deceased was right to die, the killer was trying to defend himself

    • Twesigye Ronald


      The impact of drug abuse, idleness.
      killings in our societies are on a rise
      God’s intervention!

  • Mercy Nimusiima


    No one has right to kill

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