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Mrs. Twinomugisha Sylvia Katimbira, the Chairperson of LC3 Western Division in Rukungiri Municipality, has called upon the heads of Primary Schools in Western Division to document and investigate the whereabouts of learners who have not yet been reported, and to report their findings for proper management.

This request was made on Friday, February 9th, 2024, during the event where Mrs. Katimbira presided over the distribution of mattresses to top-performing students in Western Primary Schools, including Kiyaga, Rukondo, Ruruku, and Kahororo. These mattresses were provided as part of the annual provision initiated by Western Division. This year, Kinyasano Boarding Primary School received 5 mattresses, Kiyaga Primary School received 5 mattresses, Kahororo Primary School received 3 mattresses, Rukondo Primary School received 1 mattress, and Ruruku Primary School received 1 mattress.

Mrs. Katimbira emphasized the readiness of Division authorities to address issues such as late reporting, dropout rates, and incidents of pupil theft, all of which negatively impact academic performance. She urged school heads to report any learners who have not yet been accounted for, for further follow-up.

Behimbisa Topher, also known as “Science,” the Western Division Councilor representing Northern A Ward, expressed appreciation for the consistent commitment shown by Division authorities each year. He encouraged governing committees to provide proper support for sustainable success and donated towels and bed sheets to the top 5 performers in the previous Pre-Primary Leaving Examinations.

Kyokusiima Patience, the head teacher of Kiyaga Primary School, expressed dissatisfaction with the school’s performance relative to their teaching standards. She emphasized the collaborative efforts of the staff to strive for quality results and appreciated the gifts provided by the Division.

Kadia Rwabajungu, the Vice Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at Kiyaga Primary School, encouraged parents to refrain from taking credit for their children’s achievements, emphasizing that it is an opportunity for the children to benefit from their own efforts.

Kiyaga Primary School had 5 pupils in the first grade, 31 in the second grade, and 2 in the third grade.


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  • Karahukayo


    It’s a great opportunity to the Division and the Education section at large as in this way, it shall encourage determined education within the young ones.
    However we encourage Parents to encourage basic security to reduce this kind of insecurity.
    Thanks Honourable for the Tremendous work done.
    I appreciate your efforts and your Staff.

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