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Residents of Bunono and Ihunga parishes in Nyarushanje sub-county, Rukungiri district, breathed a sigh of relief as the elusive bird responsible for terrorizing the community and livestock was finally captured and euthanized.

The bird first made headlines in January when reports surfaced of its relentless attacks on various livestock within the area, prompting widespread concern among residents.

According to sources, the bird’s reign of terror reached a climax on Friday when it targeted and killed a dog. This incident spurred hunters from the local community into action, leading to a concerted effort to track down and eliminate the menace.

After a determined pursuit, the bird was successfully apprehended on Saturday morning, bringing an end to weeks of fear and uncertainty among the populace.

The capture and subsequent demise of the bird mark a significant victory for the community, who can now rest assured that their livelihoods and safety are no longer threatened by the mysterious avian predator.


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  • Remi


    We need to preserve the nature. Was this bird killed or handed over to wildlife Authorities.

  • Charles


    From the photo, this was an ordinary bird of prey. And a bird of prey of that size preys on other birds. How was this bird able to kill livestock? Who actually saw it kill them?

  • Owoyesiga Kenneth


    The action was bad ,they would have handed the bird to the concerned party like Uganda wild life authority and other organizations responsible for conservative of nature

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