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Residents of Rutenga town council in Kanungu district have expressed their concerns about the deteriorating state of their roads, which is primarily attributed to heavy rainfall.

Judith Tukwasibwe, the woman district councilor for Rutenga town council, emphasized that the continuous heavy rains have severely damaged the roads, particularly the Kabale-Kanungu road from Rutenga town to Mashenya and up to Kanungu. She stressed that this poses a significant risk to travelers as the road is riddled with potholes and loose stones.

Judith urged the responsible leaders and the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to promptly initiate maintenance work, as the poor road conditions are hindering the transportation of goods and impeding service delivery in the Kanungu and Kabale districts.

Chairperson LC5, Hon. Sam Arinaitwe Kajojo, acknowledged the challenges posed by the poor road conditions, especially during the rainy season.

He pointed out that many of these roads are funded by the central government, including the Kanungu-Kabale road, Kambuga-Rukungiri road, and Kanyantoroogo-Bwindi road, among others.

 Kajojo therefore called upon the government to expedite the release of the budgeted funds for road maintenance, enabling them to carry out necessary interventions on the deteriorated roads.

Additionally, he appealed to the Ministry of Works and UNRA to make a request for emergency funding from the government, allowing them to address the urgent road repair needs.


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