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The Assistant Kabale District Health Officer in charge of child and maternal health Dr. Paddy Mwesigye has emphasized the significance of regular medical check-ups for early detection of various health conditions to enable prompt and effective treatment, ultimately safeguarding public health.

Dr. Paddy stresses the importance of embracing routine physical assessments through hospital visits to mitigate the prevalence of communicable diseases.

He laments the widespread lack of disease testing, especially for life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. To combat this issue, he places great emphasis on maintaining a balanced diet.

Dr. Paddy believes that proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in disease prevention. By advocating for healthier eating habits, he aims to address the fundamental causes of numerous health issues within the community.

The Kabale District Health Educator Alfred Besigensi echoes the significance of seeking medical attention for infants rather than solely relying on cultural practices.

He urges individuals to prioritize medical care for their babies, emphasizing the importance of modern healthcare over traditional customs.

Besigensi challenges fathers to take the initiative by accompanying expectant mothers to antenatal care appointments and visiting the hospital when necessary.


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