The Kabale High Court, convened in Kisoro district, has today handed down a sentence of 25 years imprisonment to two young individuals in their early 30s.

This ruling comes as a result of their conviction in a joint murder case.

The individuals, identified as Habumugisha Gilbert and Hakizimana Innocent, both residents of Rubarakono village in Gasiza parish, Nyakabande Sub County, have been found guilty of the murder of Harerimana Jackson, a 60-year-old man.

The incident occurred on the 10th of June, 2019, when they ambushed him and inflicted a fatal head injury using a stone.

The prosecution has established that Harerimana Jackson was the biological father of one of the convicts, Habumugisha Gilbert, and they both resided in the same locality. The successful apprehension of the culprits was aided by the efforts of the police, including the assistance of a skilled sniffer dog named Rigo.

Presiding over the proceedings, Hon. Justice Emokor Samuel, the Resident Judge of the Kabale High Court circuit, emphasized that the evidence provided by the prosecution sufficiently placed the two convicts at the scene of the crime.

In seeking a deterrent effect on the community due to the prevalence of similar cases in the district, the prosecution requested a 35-year sentence for both individuals.

The defense, however, appealed for leniency, highlighting the youthfulness of the convicts and their responsibilities towards their families. They expressed optimism that the convicts could reform and become productive members of society in the future.

Judge Emokor countered the plea for leniency, underscoring that the convicts’ concerns for their families did not align with their disregard for the family of the deceased when committing the crime.

Ultimately, the court imposed a custodial sentence of 25 years in prison on both convicts.

This sentence takes into account a deduction of 4 years and 2 months, reflecting the period they have already spent in detention.


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