On Sunday , during the enthronement of Rev. Fred Kweriinga as the priest of St Peter’s Kyamurari church of Uganda parish in Nyakagyeme archdeaconry, North Kigezi diocese, the North Kigezi diocesan Bishop’s representative, Rev. Canon Nathan Mugisha Kirebete, urged church leaders to serve God’s people with the aim of advancing God’s kingdom and contributing to the development of the church.

Addressing a congregation of hundreds, Ven. Kirebete expressed concern that some religious leaders, after answering their call to serve God, often deviate into detrimental behaviors such as alcoholism, adultery, and embezzlement of church funds, ultimately undermining God’s kingdom on Earth.

He called upon religious leaders to prioritize spreading the message of love and kindness and to initiate projects that can promote the growth of the churches they serve.

Ven. Canon Eldard Kashanje, the Nyakagyeme archdeacon, highlighted the tradition within the Church of Uganda of enthroning servants as a symbol of granting them the authority to lead the church where they are assigned. He stressed the importance of starting development projects within churches, asserting that this can alleviate financial challenges within the church.

He encouraged reverends and church authorities to initiate such projects to support the growth of their respective churches.

Rev. Kweriinga, upon his enthronement, pledged to work closely with the leadership of St Peter’s Kyamurari church of Uganda to ensure that God’s work is carried out and that development projects to support the church’s growth are initiated.



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