Residents of Kanyakyende cell in Nyabitete parish, Rukungiri district, sought revenge and killed a murder suspect known only as Asiimwe, who had allegedly murdered Muhwezi Yusuf on a Sunday morning. This shocking incident unfolded on a Monday morning when locals apprehended Asiimwe in the bushes of Rwibare cell, Bugangari parish, Rukungiri, where he had been hiding since the Sunday murder of Yusuf.

According to the police report, the tragic incident occurred on November 5, 2023, around 10:00 AM. Muhwezi Yusuf, a 15-year-old, and his friend, Niwagaba Bashir, were out grazing cattle on Nyakinengo Hill, Nyakinengo cell. Everything seemed normal until Asiimwe, armed with a knife, appeared on the scene. Asiimwe, the son of Kenneth, hid behind a tree when he noticed Byamukama Benon leaving for church.

As Benon moved away from the scene, Asiimwe lured Yusuf down the hill into a valley, leaving Bashir uphill. Soon after, Bashir heard Yusuf’s screams for help but was too scared to investigate. He quickly informed Anet and another woman about the incident and then alerted Tukahirwa Jane and Tumushabe Jane. Their distress calls brought several residents to the scene, where they discovered the lifeless body of Muhwezi Yusuf in the Nyakinengo River with a deep neck wound, shocking the community.

Habasa Wilbroad, the area chairperson of Kanyakyende cell, reported the case to Bugangari police station, officially registering it as a murder case under SD Ref: 05/05/11/2023. The crime scene was meticulously examined, documented, and investigated by dedicated detectives, including the District Scene of Crime Officer (D/SOCO) and the District Criminal Investigation Officer (D/CID/O).

The main suspect, Asiimwe, fled, prompting law enforcement agencies to actively chase down leads in order to capture him until Monday morning when residents landed on him and stoned him to death.

The victim’s body, Muhwezi Yusuf, was taken to the Rwakabengo Health Center III mortuary for a postmortem examination to determine the exact cause of death.


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