A Hailstorm has wreaked havoc in four Parishes in Mutara Sub County Mitooma district.

 The affected are Kataho, Ryakitanga, Bikungu, and Enshaka parishes. 
The hailstorm that hit the area on Sunday afternoon claimed several animals including cows, goats, and pigs, and destroyed severe acres of banana and coffee plantations and gardens of beans, maize, and sweet and Irish potatoes.    
Naboth Mbeyongera, a resident of Kataho Village in Kataho parish, says that the hailstorm started at around 3 PM and lasted for four hours. According to Mbeyongera, he lost one cow and six goats while his neighbor lost 3 cows to the hailstorm. 

A group of residents led by the area LC V councilor, Bernard Mbangira collected some of the hailstones and stormed the sub-county headquarters to plead for help.  

Benard Mbangira, the Mutara Sub County LC V councilor says that it is the first time the area is experiencing such a huge calamity noting that he has lost two acres of cassava and coffee. 
He says that they have already informed the relevant offices to help the affected persons.    

Benon Karyeija, the Mitooma District LC V Chairperson says that they have asked the local council chairpersons in the affected areas to compile lists of the hailstorm victims for transmission to the Office of the Prime Minister for help. 
He explains that although they have a Disaster Preparedness committee in the district, it lacks funding because it was constituted after the budget approval.


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