Livestock farmers in areas of Rukungiri district that neighbor Queen Elizabeth national park and River Mitano have been asked to seek help from veterinary authorities   when their animals are affected by Trypanosomosis transmitted by tse-tse flies during this rainy season.

Trypanosomosis is usually transmitted through blood lymph and other fluids of infected animals.

It is caused by flagellated protozoan parasites that live in the fluids and tissue of its host animal.

Often the disease is transmitted through the bite of an infected tse tse fly which has been feeding on an infected animal.

Rukungiri district veterinary officer Dr Johnson Ninsiima   says during the rainy season, tse-tse flies which normally feed on wild animals like buffalos fly from Queen Elizabeth national park and River land tsetse flies fly from River Mitano that flows to Lake Edward and transmit Trypanosomosis to domestic animals around those areas.

It’s on this note that Dr Ninsiima advised livestock farmers to take their infected animals to veterinary authorities for treatment and uninfected ones for vaccination against Trypanosomosis.

He further advised livestock farmers to spray their animals with acaricides that repel tse tse flies  


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