Rev. Father Conrad Atuhaire, the Parish Priest of Nyakibale Catholic Parish, has urged Christians to embrace the practice of seeking forgiveness and extending complete forgiveness to others in order to be righteous before God.

During the morning mass at Nyakibale Catholic Parish in the Eastern Division of Rukungiri Municipality on Monday, November 13, 2023, Father Conrad Atuhaire underscored the importance of following the biblical principle that encourages forgiving those who wrong us, even if they seek forgiveness seven times.

Father Conrad emphasized that some individuals tend to focus more on the negative aspects rather than the positive ones. He urged Christians to adopt a mindset of seeking forgiveness and, in turn, forgiving others to lead a holy life.

Karamuzi Gregory, a resident of Omukagashe and a member of Nyakibale Parish, remarked that true forgiveness is a characteristic of genuine Christians, facilitated by the Holy Spirit. He added that some people are grappling with health complications, including non-communicable diseases, due to the stress brought about by unforgiving attitudes and anger.


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