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The blood bank refrigerator, donated by the Ministry of Health at Muko Health Center IV in Muko Sub County, Rubanda West County, Rubanda District, is lying idle due to a lack of electrical power.

This predicament has caused concern among the facility’s authorities, as they fear that the blood stored within might become compromised. Dr. Bampabwire Godfrey Amooti, the health center in charge, reveals that the blood bank refrigerator was received nine months ago, but its operational capabilities have been hindered by the persistent absence of a stable power supply.

Dr. Bampabwire emphasizes that the refrigerator’s functioning relies on either a solar panel system or a continuous electricity source. At present, patients in need of blood transfusions are being redirected to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital in Kabale District due to this unfortunate situation.

Nuwagaba Mpagi Domic, the assistant inventory management officer at the office of the District Health Officer in Rubanda, acknowledges the predicament. He points out that the refrigerator demands a significant amount of electrical power, which surpasses the capacity of the current solar panels on the premises.

He assures that efforts are underway to extend the electrical infrastructure to the facility, aiming to comprehensively cater to all health service needs.

Remarkably, despite grappling with this challenge, the health facility continues to serve approximately 120,000 individuals residing in Rubanda West County and a total of 10,990 individuals overall.

In light of these circumstances, it’s noteworthy that the Government of Uganda has allocated a substantial initial fund of Ugx 6.5 billion to kickstart the transformation of Muko Health Center IV into a general hospital.

This transformation is justified based on the center’s geographical significance, the obstacles it faces, and the substantial volume of people it attends to annually.


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