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The Rushenyi county Member of Parliament Naome Kabasharira has said that though Uganda has achieved alot in the last 60 years of independence, Ugandans are still struggling with low-quality healthcare services which are holding back the development of the country.

This was contained in her independence message shared with our reporter.

Kabasharira who congratulated Ugandans and the president upon the 60th independence anniversary says that since 1962 when the country gained its independence , there has been visible progress in different sectors but the health sector has continued to face challenges that are affecting Ugandans

She highlights progress in the judicial system, works, transport, security, Liberalization of the economy, Education, and communication among others but also notes that services like electricity have not reached all Ugandans and the high unemployment rate in the country needs to be combated if Uganda is to develop like other countries.

Kabasharira says that for Uganda to develop, citizens must wake up and work hard to improve their household incomes which were affected by the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

Independence Day in Uganda is a state holiday celebrated on October 9 every year. It is the day when the British government named Uganda a free state

However, some scholars have said that there is no need why Ugandans should celebrate Independence Day because they are not yet independent.

David Lewis Rugongoya the general secretary of the opposition political party National Unity platform says that it is funny for a country like Uganda to celebrate Independence Day when opposition politicians are being hunted and others killed for not supporting the current regime of Mr. Museveni.

Mwambutsya Ndebesa another political Economist, lashes out at the government of Uganda for celebrating Independence Day when the Kampala government is pursuing the Washington consensus economic policy. He adds that Uganda should instead be commemorating Independence Day as there is nothing to celebrate.

This year’s theme is “a declaration of African interdependence and our shared destiny”.


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