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A 30-year-old man, Ndikumukiza Gerald, has been condemned to spend the remainder of his days incarcerated, following his conviction for the heinous murder of four family members, including both of his biological parents, in 2020.

The Kabale High Court, presiding in Kisoro, has today handed down a life sentence in response to the quadruple murder charges levied against him.

According to the prosecution’s account, on the fateful night of September 24, 2020, within the confines of Kageyo Village, Busengo Parish, Nyarubuye Sub County, Ndikumukiza employed a machete to perpetrate the horrifying deaths of his 80-year-old father, Sebitama Deogratious, his 75-year-old mother, Nyiraguhirwa Bonikonsira, his 26-year-old sister-in-law, Mujawimana Maliserina, and his 20-year-old wife, Nyiramahoro Joan.

In the course of this tragic incident, he commenced his brutal spree by ending the life of his wife, subsequently claiming the life of his brother’s wife, Habiyaremye George. His path of destruction then led to the murder of his father, culminating with the heinous act upon his mother, who was regrettably subjected to this grotesque violence while unclothed.

Presiding over the proceedings, the Resident Judge of the Kabale High Court circuit, Hon. Justice Emokor Samuel, condemned the actions of the perpetrator as nothing short of sheer malevolence.

While acknowledging the state prosecutor’s plea for a death sentence, Justice Emokor Samuel drew parallels to similar cases in Uganda’s legal history and determined that Ndikumukiza Gerald shall face sentencing of life imprisonment, designed to deter any possibility of his eventual release.

Despite entreaties from the defense attorneys advocating for leniency due to the convict’s youth and potential for future rehabilitation into a productive Ugandan citizen, Justice Emokor Samuel’s verdict remains resolute, reflecting a dismissal of such appeals.


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