The burial of a 58-year-old man from Katagata cell, Katagata parish, Mayanga Mitooma District, is facing uncertainty due to suspicions that his wife and two children may have orchestrated his demise.

The deceased is known as Yebuze John, who was as a bricklayer at the aforementioned location.

According to Leo Rwakiinyagi, the district councilor for Mayanja Sub-county in Mitooma District, they initially suspected that Yebuze’s death was the result of an accident, where he had possibly slipped and fallen on a sharp object while under the influence of alcohol. However, local residents are adamant that the wife and children played a role in his death.

Rwakiinyagi further explained that there had been ongoing family conflicts centered around Yebuze’s alcohol consumption and his attempts to sell their property without their consent.

As a result of these suspicions, the wife and two children, both boys, have been taken into police custody to assist in the investigation into Yebuze’s sudden demise.


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  • Olan mugumya


    Very true story and clearly covered from the ground root.
    Thanks for being a true source

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