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The Right Reverend Gaddie Akanjuna, Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, has called on Christians to demonstrate love and compassion towards individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Speaking during a Confirmation service at Emmanuel Mayengo Church of Uganda Parish in Katuna Town Council, Ndorwa West County of Kabale District, Bishop Akanjuna emphasized the importance of providing proper care to those affected by the virus, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives over an extended period.

Addressing the congregation, Bishop Akanjuna reminded Christians of the ongoing impact of HIV/AIDS on people’s lives and stressed the need for continuous support and understanding. He urged believers to perceive those affected by the virus as their own relatives, emphasizing that compassionate care is crucial for their comfort and to reduce stigmatization.

Bishop Akanjuna issued a challenge to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, urging them to adhere to prescribed medications. He asserted that proper compliance with treatment could significantly extend one’s life, potentially reaching three decades or more while living with the virus.

In addition to advocating for compassion, Bishop Akanjuna encouraged believers to recognize themselves as temples of God, underscoring the importance of treating others with kindness. Emphasizing that actions carry more weight than words, he urged Christians to reflect the teachings of their faith through benevolent deeds. Furthermore, the bishop called upon parents to set positive examples for their children, highlighting the influential role of families in shaping moral values.

The Confirmation service, attended by 43 confirmants formally entering the Anglican faith, provided the backdrop for Bishop Akanjuna’s impactful message on love, compassion, and the practical demonstration of faith through caring actions.


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