Residents of Nyabubale cell, Nyabubale Parish, Bwambara Sub County in Rukungiri District on Wednesday spent the night keeping watch over the remains of a 12-year-old girl named Nazifa Charity. She was tragically killed by an unidentified individual who then left her body floating in a water well.

Nazifa Charity was the daughter of Umaru Gumisiriza and Rabbeca, both of whom were residents of the same location. She was a pupil at Bikurungu Parents Primary School in Bikurungu Town Council, Rukungiri District.

According to Sunday John, a local resident, an unknown person, their face concealed beyond recognition, approached Nazifa and her brother while they were at the well fetching water. This person chased them, caught Nazifa, and tragically ended her life before discarding her body in the well at around 7 pm.

As of the last report, the community members were keeping a vigil near the well where Nazifa’s body was found, awaiting the arrival of the police for further investigation.


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