Fishermen at Rweshama fishing site on Lake Edward have confirmed operating in financial hardship despite a move by the ministry of agriculture, animal industry and fisheries  to increase the number of    fishing vessels by 40  to make a total of  100 fishing vessels licenced to operate at the landing site.  

Rweshama fishing site formerly had 60 fishing vessels that were owned by Rweshama fishing company limited, but following an outcry from Banyabutumbi and other communities around the fishing site ,40 more fishing vessel licenses were issued   .

Kenneth Nuwagaba, the  Rweshama lc2 chairperson says that even though more 40 more fishing vessel licenses  were given to the community, only a few of the community members that got the licenses  had enough money to buy boats, boat engines and nets which forced most of them to opt for loans which they are still clearing up to now.

Nuwagaba further says that boat engines currently cost between 6-7million, boats cost 2-3million and one fishing net cost 40000-60000/= which most people didn’t have because they were not working.

Chris Kagayano,  Bwambara sub county lc3 chairperson says ever since the community around Rweshama fishing site were given 40 fishing vessel licences  wrangles at the site stopped, only that fishermen normally face a challenge of a poor catch  during the months of July and august.



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