By Becky Koshaba
The RDC Rukungiri District Mr.Bewayo Stephen has today 17th march 2023 visited various women groups that benefited from Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Program (UWEP).
UWEP is aiming at addressing women challenges domestic violence being the major snag and empowering Ugandan women to improve their income levels and support their contribution to economic development.
The following groups were visited; Nyabugando Bakyara Kwebisaho group in Masya Parish ;this deals in Handcraft and it received 7million shillings and they have been able to recover 4.2 million shillings.Kashenyi Bakyara Group located in Nyakagyeme and dealing in Coffee.This received 7million shillings and they have been able to pay back all their loan successfully.Ryegyerero Super Soap makers located in Bugangari .This deals in making both bar soap and liquid soap .They received 9million shillings and they have been able to recover atleast 8million shillings.Kabyoya handcraft Group.This group deals in making handcraft and they received 6.5 million shillings and they have been able to recover 3 million shillings.Nyakariro Central Bakyara group.This is located in Kashayo Bugangari Subcounty.They received a total of 8million shillings and it is unfortunate that no single coin has been recovered.Kamujegyere Women Group.This is located in Rwerere town council.This group deals in piggery keeping.It received 6.5million shillings and it has been able to clear it’s loan to zero balance.Rwerere Catering Group also received 7million shillings and it has been able to recover only 4million shillings.Jerro Wines Group .This is located in Busoroza ward in Rwerere Town Council.They deal in producing wine and they received 7million shillings and it has been able to recover 5million shillings.

The RDC together with the Senior Labour Officer Challene Twesiime were Soo much impressed with Kashenyi Bakyara Group and Kamujegyere Women Group for leading a good example and clearing their loan to zero balance.
Most groups thanked the government for UWEP money stressing that it has transformed their lifestyle in their homesteads together with diversifying their business projects.

The RDC informed them that the government has more and better plans for successful groups and more funding will be extended to them .

He cautioned the worst performing groups to work hard and clear government money so that other groups can benefit .


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