By Namanya Kakyene

Hundreds of mourners today thronged  Kakibaya Kebisoni Town Council, Rukungiri district for the sendoff of the late Jailesi Kakuba who died at an age of 103.

She succumbed to age-related illness.

Jailesi Kakuba was described by mourners as a wise and hard-working citizen who influenced many lives.

While adressing mourners, The Rubabo county MP Hon. Naboth Namanya said he fears for his life due to his involvement in the fight against homosexuality.

He says together with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, they have been marked for being vocal in opposing the promotion of the vice   

Hon Namanya says he has been warned against visiting the United States of America and other Countries that Promote homosexuality and that he fears that he might be gunned down any time over the matter  

Hon. Namanya applauded the church for its boldness in the fight against the vice.

He strongly challenged parents to warn their children against being lured into these ungodly activities.

He claimed that the whites are trying to lead Africans to destruction so that they take over the continent.

He also claimed that an attempt had been made to execute the same Plan using  COVID 19  which he said was  manufactured to destroy Africans but the God of the Blacks resisted.

Namanya says the introduction of LGBT, will greatly affect our generation and the generations to come.

Former presidential candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde, Rukungiri  LC5 Boss Godfrey Kyomukama were among the mourners in attendance.

The late Jailesi Kakuba is survived by 4 daughters, 65 grandchildren, and 120 great-grandchildren.


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    Actually the man is right

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