Residents of Omukatooma and Omurutezo villages in Murama parish Nyakyishenyi sub-county have petitioned the office of the chief administrative officer Rukungiri district over the commissioning of an incomplete gravity flow scheme in the area

The Omukatooma gravity flow scheme   was commissioned in august this year

A letter dated 15/November/ 2022 signed by 68 families from the two cells states that the district water office was to construct omukatooma gravity flow scheme at a cost of shillings 375 million in two phases.

The construction works were to be undertaken by Dalkam technical services limited and a groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2020.

The first phase was to cost shillings 127m according to the signpost that was put in omukakabada trading center and shillings 248 million   was to be used for the second phase.

Resident add that the Rukungiri water office later relocated the water scheme to   Nyarubare cell in the same parish which left out the original beneficiaries.

The Murama parish councilor Tumwesigye Bonefansi says they were shocked when a   team from Rukungiri district surfaced on 13.08.2022 and commissioned a second phase of the scheme which was not existing anywhere in their area.

The residents say this was a ghost scheme adding that the district water officer should explain to them where the second phase worth shillings 248 million was constructed   

On the commissioning day, no resident was allowed to ask any question concerning the flow scheme because the district officials told them that the weather was not friendly so they quickly commissioned it and left.

Now residents want the office of the resident district commissioner and the chief administrative officer to intervene and bring the district water officer to their area to show them where the second phase of the scheme was constructed.

This flow scheme was meant to provide safe water to 9,000 residents in  11 villages in Kiganda and Murama parishes in Nyakishenyi Sub- County in Rukungiri district.


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