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The National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Kisoro District has undertaken the initiative to expand the Nkanka water supply to the Nyakagezi cell in the Northern Ward of Rukundo town council.

This development has been confirmed by Ariho Peter, the area Manager overseeing this project.

Despite Nyakagezi cell being the origin of the Nkanka waters that cater to water needs in various parts of the district, it has long grappled with a persistent water shortage throughout the year. This discrepancy prompted local officials to address the issue.

In 2021, during the inauguration of the Nkanka project, the president committed to providing the residents with a communal tap as a token of appreciation for their support of a governmental initiative.

Regrettably, despite this promise, no tangible progress has been made in the area. This prompted Kisoro’s Resident District Commissioner, Hajji Shafiq Ssekandi, to correspond with the Kisoro branch of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in February of the present year. The letter sought the fulfillment of the president’s pledge.

Ariho Peter, the Manager of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) for the Kisoro region, stated today in an interview with Our Reporter that the necessary water pipes for servicing this particular area have been procured, and the construction work is set to commence in the upcoming week.

The estimated timeline for the completion of the water connection process is three weeks.

Turning to the issue of the Nkanka water supply expansion, the LC1 Chairman of Nyakagezi cell, James Nwagayimana, expressed his appreciation for the government’s responsiveness and lauded President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for heeding the community’s appeals.


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