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A group of leaders from Buyanja Sub County have strongly urged the district authorities, including the Rukungiri district Executive Committee, to address the matter regarding the Birara land.

They claim that the individual who leased this land has already reached the end of their contract but is still using it without permission from the sub-county authorities.

According to them, the person who was renting this land had initiated the process to acquire the land title and assert ownership. However, they were halted in the midst of this process.

In response, the leaders have challenged the District Land Board to expedite the land title process to prevent it from being claimed by other individuals.

Agaba Emmy Rubondo, the Chairperson of Buyanja Sub County, emphasized that this situation has resulted in the sub-county losing potential revenue from the land. He mentioned that the district officials have indicated that the District Executive Committee is yet to convene and deliberate on this matter, and they are eagerly awaiting their decision.

Rubondo called on the media to actively follow up on this issue to facilitate the return of the land to the hands of the sub-county. They hope to make it available for rent to other individuals interested in utilizing it for agricultural and developmental projects. This, in turn, would enable the sub-county to generate funds for service delivery.

Hon. Albert Rwamugaata assured the authorities of Buyanja Sub County, particularly the residents living near the Birara Land that the District Lands Department is currently in the process of securing the land title.

He believes that these concerns will be addressed once the title is in the hands of the relevant authorities.


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