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The Right Reverend Onesimus Asiimwe, the Bishop of the North Kigezi Diocese, expressed deep concerns about the rising instances of corruption and sexual misconduct among both government and church leaders, emphasizing the need for them to dedicate their lives to God and put an end to these practices.

He delivered these remarks during a sermon at the confirmation ceremony of 62 Christians held at the Buhadaganzi Church of Uganda, located in the Nyabitete Archdeaconry within Buyanja sub-county in Rukungiri district.

Bishop Onesimus elaborated on the distressing issue of high-ranking government officials who exert pressure on their subordinates, particularly women, to engage in sexual acts as a condition for job promotions or employment opportunities.

He noted with concern that this problem has also extended to church leaders and educators, which poses a grave danger to the community. He further emphasized that while one may commit sins in secrecy, the truth eventually comes to light, and it is crucial to seek salvation before facing disgrace.

The Bishop commended the leaders of the Buhadaganzi Church of Uganda for their dedicated efforts as a newly elevated parish and encouraged the Christian community to continue contributing to the strength and growth of their parish.

Hilder Kyohirwe, the head of laity at the Yakobo Orikwera Buhadaganzi Church of Uganda, expressed the parish’s aspiration to become a model of development. She shared that they currently have initiatives such as Buhadaganzi Primary School, established in 2015, water project, a 5-acre piece of land for which they are in the process of obtaining a land title, and plans to cultivate coffee and banana plantations to boost their income.

On behalf of the congregation, she expressed gratitude to the bishop for assigning them a hardworking Reverend as part of their newly established parish, which was recently separated from the Nyabitete parish.

Reverend Syson Gumisiriza, representing the Yakobo Orikwera Buhadaganzi Church of Uganda, extended thanks to the Christian community for their warm reception of the bishop and pledged cooperation with the congregation to promote the development of their new parish.

The bishop was assisted by Ven Jallon Atusiguza, the Archdeacon of Nyabitete church of Uganda.


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