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Tweheyo Betega David, the Chief Administrative Officer of Kanungu District, has advised sub-counties in the district benefiting from tourism revenue sharing, particularly from attractions like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, to invest in impactful community projects. During a one-day tour to Bwindi, Tweheyo emphasized the importance of improving the standards of living for local communities through strategic investments.

He suggested that efforts should be made to ensure that the people of Kanungu have access to conservation areas, advocating for discounts for individuals, families, and groups. Tweheyo proposed the revival of wildlife conservation clubs in schools to educate students about the significance of wildlife to the country.

Commending the Chief Warden of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for extending tracking offers to political and technical staff, Tweheyo expressed gratitude for initiatives that encourage the promotion of conservation and domestic tourism in the district.

Guma Nelson, the Chief Warden at Bwindi Maghinga Forest, thanked Kanungu District Local Government for their visit, emphasizing the importance of tracking gorillas to raise awareness and promote domestic tourism. He highlighted that gorilla tracking is subsidized for East Africans, Ugandans, and locals, including the people of Kanungu, at Ugx 250,000.

Nelson explained the gorilla tracking process, involving advance trackers guiding visitors to the gorillas’ location, providing an opportunity to observe them for an hour. He shared information about the growth of the gorilla population in Bwindi, noting 459 gorillas and over 80 births since 2018. For foreign visitors, the fees for gorilla tracking are $700 for non-residents and $600 for foreign residents.

Encouraging people to visit the park and support these initiatives, Guma Nelson stressed the importance of not solely relying on foreign visitors for participation in these conservation efforts.


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