The Christians of St. Peter’s Basic Christian Community in Rwakabengo came together for a fundraising drive for BAAF 2023, where they managed to collect a total of 7,238,500 Uganda shillings.

This gathering took place on Saturday at Moses Muramira’s residence, known as Moses Investments, situated in the Southern Division of Rukungiri. Their purpose was to hold a thanksgiving event and raise funds for BAAF 2023, which aims to support the establishment of St. Ignatius University in Kabale.

Moses Investments, who had invited some of his friends to join the gathering, expressed his gratitude to the Lord for safeguarding and blessing his life, recognizing the challenges he has faced on his journey.

The thanksgiving event was led by Reverend Father Barekye Henry, the assistant parish priest of Christ the King.

During the Mass, he emphasized the significance of humility, stating that it serves as the foundation for all virtues. He elaborated on how humility can elevate a person’s status, as God blesses those who humble themselves and raises them up. Furthermore, Father Henry cautioned against individuals who boast about their accomplishments, as they will eventually experience a fall from grace.

Father Henry also issued a challenge to those who are filled with pride and those who accumulate wealth with the intention of oppressing others, urging them to abandon such behaviors as they do not align with godly principles.


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