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Twinomugisha Deus, the Executive Commissioner of Scouts in Rukungiri District, has voiced his concern over the neglect of Scouting programs in most schools within the district. He believes that these schools are missing out on the positive impact Scouts can have.

Deus expressed this concern on Saturday, November 4, 2023, during an event held at Nyabiteete Secondary School in Buyanja Sub County, Rukungiri District. The event was organized to celebrate the victory of Nyabiteete Secondary School in the boys’ Rovers category during the National Scouts competitions held in Kazi, Busabaala Kampala, Wakiso District from August 25 to August 30, 2023. The school is now set to represent Uganda in the upcoming East African competition scheduled for December 9 to December 14, 2023, also in Kazi.

Twinomugisha Deus emphasized that many schools in the district are unaware of the numerous benefits that Scouting brings, such as instilling discipline, teaching first aid, promoting welfare, and other valuable life skills. He challenged school authorities to establish Scout programs in their schools to reap the benefits.

He further highlighted that Rukungiri District has a strong presence in the Scouts program at the national level, thanks to the cooperation shown by students and the support provided by Scout leaders. Nyabiteete Secondary School has achieved five consecutive victories and aims to secure a ninth consecutive win, intending to match the record set by Ntale when it won the East African competition in 2015 in Arusha, Tanzania.

Agaba Arthur, the head teacher of Nyabiteete Secondary School, expressed his gratitude for the school’s success in Scouts and encouraged students to maintain discipline and prioritize their academic pursuits. However, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the district authorities for failing to support Scouting, as schools struggle to fund Scout activities, which should be a district obligation.

Nahabwe Elias Bagirusya, the Scouts Master of Nyabiteete Secondary School, appreciated the guidance provided by the district Scouts leadership and the discipline demonstrated by students, which contributed to their victory. He urged students to balance discipline with academic excellence to become successful individuals in the future.

Tumuranzye Emperor, the School Patrol Leader, attributed their victory to teamwork and the effective fulfillment of their roles.


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