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RDC Mbarara, Turyabagyenyi Emmanuel Kateera, has inaugurated one hundred sixty village vigilantes drawn from thirty-two cells across six parishes in Bubaare sub-county, Kashari South. Their primary mission is to combat the rising incidents of theft, safeguarding people and property to establish a peaceful and secure environment in the sub-county.

This announcement was made during a gathering of Bubaare sub-county stakeholders at the sub-county headquarters, where Turyabagyenyi addressed the attendees. In a question-and-answer session, some speakers accused Local Council chairpersons of corruption, alleging that this has contributed to an increase in reported criminal cases.

Concerning suspects possibly armed with firearms, RDC Turyabagyenyi urged the community to provide well-researched reports. The government, he assured, would then deploy sufficient manpower to address such cases. As part of the operational directives for the village vigilantes, Turyabagyenyi instructed them to stop and interrogate motorcycle (boda boda) and other motor vehicle operators, especially during odd hours.

Perez Kabereebere, the chairperson of Bubaare sub-county, disclosed plans for the sub-county leadership to conduct community consultative meetings in each parish. The aim is to gather opinions and recommendations for the formulation of sub-county bylaws aimed at combating crime. Kabereebere emphasized that theft of livestock and crops, particularly those funded under government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM), has increased. Additionally, gender-based violence has adversely affected social-economic transformation.

To address these issues, Kabereebere directed Local Council chairpersons to register every visitor in their jurisdiction. They were instructed to photocopy national identity cards or movement permit particulars of individuals properly and report anyone who refuses to comply to the police for legal action.


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