Smart Robert Mugabe.

Rukungiri District Works Department has secured shillings 132 million to renovate selected bridges along the roads earmarked for the Boona Kigezi Motor rally.

The brides to be renovated include Omukitengure in Mabanga that connect Kebisoni and Buhunga Sub Counties that will cost 15million, Omukishenyi bridge in Nyakinengo parish, Nyakagyeme Sub County that will cost 40million, Kasheeshe bridge along Omwirwaniro on which 5 million will be spent.

Other bridges slated for renovation include Kiborogota bridge in Nyakishenyi Sub County at 50million, Nshungyezi in Nyarushanje Sub County at 6 million and Kasinamururu in Nyarushanje Sub County at 10 million.

According to the Rukungiri District Acting Engineer Bagira Julius Byakurema , some of the bridges were incorporated in the financial year budget and others were considered as emergencies.

Bagira Julius Byakurema applauded the support from political leaders of Rukungiri District fast tracked the requisitions  

The Chairperson LC3 Nyakagyeme Sub County Godson Mubangizi revealed that the state of Omukishenyi bridge forced residents to abandon the entire road   to create a diversion that crosses a different parish adding that the road itself is dilapidated and requires renovation.


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