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Owners and managers of hotels in Rukungiri district have received a call to enhance their services in a bid to bolster the local tourism industry.

During a one-day workshop held at Rukungiri District Main Hall Wednesday, Mr. Bingana Oonyete, the District Tourism Officer, cautioned that the subpar state of hospitality services in hotels could adversely impact the growth and progress of both the tourism sector and hotels in general.

Highlighting the significance of hotel services for daily customers and tourists, Oonyete stressed the need for improvements to meet international standards and attract a larger customer base. Specifically, he emphasized the importance of enhancing customer care and overall comfort for visitors staying at hotels in Rukungiri.

In response to this call for improvement, Boris Bitwiire, the Tourism Ambassador for Rukungiri District, expressed optimism that upgraded hotel facilities could contribute to increased revenue from tourists and daily customers. He recommended that hotels focus on factors favorable to customer and tourist satisfaction to meet their targets. Bitwiire suggested diversifying activities such as agroforestry, fish farming, and tree planting to provide additional services like forest walks and coffee experiences.

Keledonia Clare Bakironda, the Secretary for Education Commercial Services and Tourism in Rukungiri District, pledged to address the challenges faced by the tourism industry in the council. She highlighted the impact of poor tourism roads on both tourists and hotel owners, underscoring the need for this concern to be incorporated into the budget for road improvements in the current financial year. Additionally, Bakironda called on hotel owners to advocate for better customer care, hygiene, and confidentiality among their staff.


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