The Rukungiri District Inspectors of Schools have called upon parents of Primary Seven candidates to provide their children with the necessary support and preparation for the upcoming Uganda Primary Leaving Examinations scheduled for 8th and 9th November 2023. The Principal Inspector of Schools, Lydia Tushemerirwe, and the Inspector of Schools for Bugangari and Bwambara Sub Counties, Mutungi Able, emphasized the importance of the final week leading up to the exams and urged parents to prioritize their children’s education.

Mutungi Able, representing the District Education Officer (DEO) and serving as the guest of honor at a one-day retreat held at Kigarigari Primary School in Nyakitabire Parish, Ruhinda Sub County, Rukungiri District, reiterated the significance of this remaining week and how it could impact a student’s performance if not handled carefully.

Lydia Tushemerirwe expressed her concern about the limited time left for parents to allow their children to prepare for the exams. She also criticized men for neglecting their children’s education, often leaving it solely in the hands of women.

Maureen Kasande, the Ruhinda Sub County Councilor representing Nyakitabire, commended the Sub County Chief and emphasized the importance of co-curricular activities in nurturing students’ talents and enhancing their academic performance. She encouraged school administrators to continue promoting such activities for the benefit of the students.

Byaruhanga Charles, also known as Batambura, the Chairperson of the Management Committee, shared the school’s history, explaining that it faced challenges when it was initially closed by the government in 1994 but was later revitalized in 2000. He expressed gratitude to those who supported the school’s revival and highlighted its transformation into a strong academic institution. He encouraged parents to enroll their children in the school for quality education in the area.

Musimenta Prima, who serves as the Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and LC1, expressed her gratitude and excitement for the event. She called for continuous cooperation to further develop the institution.

Namara Henry, the head teacher of Kigarigari Primary School, revealed that the purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the school and to allow students to participate in co-curricular activities, which help improve their discipline, nurture their talents, and enhance their physical fitness as part of their journey towards excellence.

During the event, students engaged in various activities, including football (with teams representing Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, where Uganda emerged as the winner), athletics (with Tanzania emerging as the winner), as well as music, dance, and drama performances. The best performers received prizes such as basins, buckets, books, and pens as recognition for their achievements.


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