The Rukungiri deputy resident commissioner Wilberforce Ahimbisibwe Ongom has halted the construction of two telecommunication masts in Rukungiri Municipality after Engineers failed to produce the required construction and environmental plans.

One mast is being constructed in Kagyera cell Bwoma in Western division while the other is being put up in Go-down Southern division Rukungiri municipality.

Ogom revealed that the works on the masts were halted after the construction companies failed to produce a construction plan , but the engineers working on the mast  in Bwoma  continued doing their work illegally   during night hours until Saturday when he arrested two engineers attached to  Eaton towers limited   

He called upon people in Rukungiri to always acquired construction plans approved by the council.

Micheal Byarugaba the Rukungiri District secretary for production and district councilor for western division when asked about the  Bwoma mast said the infrastructure is highly needed and the company constructing it has all necessary documents which he also has copies of.

He added that he read those documents even to the residents in the area at a community meeting they held before the construction began and they were approved by the Rukungiri municipality town clerk who also visited the place and allowed them to continue with the construction.


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