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The President of the Rotary Club of Rukungiri Central in District 9214, Murindwa Patrick Morrison has emphasized the importance of tree planting for public facilities.

He urged the heads of these facilities to embrace the practice, highlighting the various benefits associated with it.

Morrison, along with a team of Rotarians, took the initiative to deliver fruit and eucalyptus/Karutusi tree seedlings to Kishonga Primary School in Rubanga Parish, Buyanja Sub County, Rukungiri District, and Kiyaga Primary School in Northern A Ward, Western Division, Rukungiri Municipality.

Kishonga Primary School received 1150 eucalyptus/Karutusi tree seedlings and 10 mango tree seedlings, while Kiyaga Primary School received 20 compound tree seedlings and 15 fruit production trees.

Expressing his gratitude, Morrison shared his experience of planting trees during his tenure as the head teacher at Nyakagyeme Secondary (1986-2002) and Katurika Secondary School (2002-2016). He highlighted the substantial benefits, including the provision of firewood, timber for construction, and significant revenue from harvests.

Turyahabwe Kenneth Rwabutegye, the head teacher of Kishonga Primary School, thanked the Rotary Club for the generous donation, emphasizing the importance of trees for shade, fruits, and construction to accommodate their large enrollment. He expressed their commitment to caring for the received trees and appealed for continued support due to their lack of sufficient infrastructure, furniture, and scholastic materials.

Patience Kyokusiima, the head teacher of Kiyaga Primary School, welcomed the donation, recognizing trees as a fundamental necessity for the school, especially considering its location on raised land exposed to strong winds and intense sunshine.


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