The chairperson of Omukagaana Trading Center in Nyakishenyi sub-county, Rukungiri district, is currently at the center of a police investigation due to his involvement in the torture and killing a youth.

The primary suspect, in this case, is Birungi Robert, who stands accused of collaborating with a group of young individuals to inflict harm on Tukamuhabwa John Vianny in his 20s, resulting in his tragic death at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.

According to the residents, this incident occurred last Saturday, shortly after the burial of LC1 Chairperson in the area only identified as Turyatunga, who had passed away on Friday. Allegedly, Vianny got into a dispute while at a bar in the trading center with some friends.

The situation escalated, prompting the intervention of the chairperson, who successfully mediated and resolved the conflict. Afterward, Vianny was advised to return home.However, upon reaching his home, Vianny began throwing stones, which led the chairperson to call upon a group of four individuals to confront him.

Locals claim that the chairperson and his team apprehended Vianny, subjecting him to severe torture until he lost consciousness. They then left him near his residence.

The following morning, Vianny was discovered and rushed to Nyakisoroza Community Hospital. From there, he was transferred to Kisizi Hospital and subsequently to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital for further medical care. Tragically, he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

As per the preliminary report, the chairperson, believed to be involved in the torture, is currently in police custody.

Authorities are actively searching for the other individuals who participated in the torment and eventual death of the victim.


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