My open letter to our Kanungu District Community of very important and critical Stakeholders in your own capacities wherever you are

Allow me with due respect to make my personal statement on the subject of Startup funds, operations and any other matter concerning the 5 New Town Councils and 5 New Sub Counties in Kanungu District which Government created during FYs 2019/20; 20/21.

I will start with hottest subject of the week specifically regarding the use of the 31.5M that was sent to each of the newly created Sub counties during FYs 2019/2020, 2020/21 by MOLG ( at an appropriate time , i will share the circular from MOLG on this subject).

Specifically for Kanungu 31.5M was sent to Kihembe, Kihanda, Bugongi, Kishero and Kayungwe!.

U will note that while the three sub counties of Kyeshero, Kihanda and Bugongi elected their political leadership in the 2021 General elections, the sub counties of Kayungwe and Kihembe did not do so, meaning that the two Lower local Governments (LLGs) do not have a Subcounty council and Sub county Executive Committee.

You will recall that Kihembe Subcounty was created from Kihembe parish while Kayungwe was created from some villages of Misheyi and the whole of Kayungwe parish ( I will share the instrument) .

You will also note that the Local Government Act 1997 with ammendments provide for a Subcounty Council as fully constituted when there exist an elected LCIII chairperson, elected parish Councilors and a Subcounty Speaker elected from among the Councillors.

According to the Local Government Act, no Business of Legislature and executive nature can be transacted unless the Speaker has been elected, hence for Kihembe and Kayungwe SCs one cannot expect any Legislative and Executive Decision to take place and subsequently no council decision for implementation by the Subcounty Chief!.

This however sets a situation of uncertainty!.

While the political arm has not been in place since the creation of these two subcounties in question ie Kihembe and Kayungwe, you will note that MOLG released funds worth 31.5M for FY 2020/21 among other subcounties of Kihanda, Kyeshero and Bugongi which have legitimate Subcounty councils established as per the LG Act.

These funds were specifically for meeting recurrent costs of Salaries for LCIII chairperson, salaries for office messenger,office copy typist/ secretary, accounts assistant, rent and sub Councillors allowances.

It’s therefore clear that apart from Kihanda, Bugongi and Kyeshero, the sub counties of Kihembe and Kayungwe cannot spend any monies on council meetings and salaries for LCIII chairpersons.

However, the technical staffs are in place and have to work and be paid.

YOU WILL note that the LG Act does not provide for this unique situation where a technical team at Subcounty level can exist and operate with not elected council.

Even still the Parish Council that would be used as a standby is not provided for as a Local Government with corporate powers hence any decision made the Kihembe or Kayungwe parish are illegal.

In such a situation, the District is left with the option of supporting the political operations of the subcounties by identifying one member of District Executive so support but with guidance from the Ministry of Local Government.

On the use of funds allocated for recurrent to undertake a capital project, the District has to seek for authority from MOLG but even still MOLG cannot allow that.

The unspent funds are simply refunded back to MOLG. I hope Kayungwe and Kihembe refunded these funds that were for LCIII chairperson salaries and council meetings.

The subject of construction of a sub county headquarters building will be commented on later since I have official request of UGx 50M each by Kihanda, Bugongi, Kihembe, Kayungwe and Kyeshero subcounties to MOLG.

As far as I know, MOLG has not sent any money to construct a sub county headquarter for these newly crested LLGs.

The TCs of Kanyantorogo, Buhoma and Nyakabungo recieved UGx 50M each on top of another 50M to construct their modest offices, while Nyamirama TC and Rutenga received the same amount for renovations.

I will share evidence of their request at a later time. I hope quality monitoring was done and progress reports submitted to MOLG as per MoU.



DRDC Kanungu


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