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The construction of a vital Feacal Sludge/human waste treatment facility near the Western Division headquarters in Rukungiri Municipality is facing potential challenges due to confusion and misconduct among the local authorities.

These issues could jeopardize the project, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses for Rukungiri Municipality.

In June 2022, a promising initiative was launched by the Ministry of Water and Environment in collaboration with the World Bank. The project aimed to establish a Feacal Sludge/human waste treatment facility at Kagunga Forest reserve near the Western Division headquarters.

This project, with a budget of 5.3 billion, was set to include the construction of toilets at various locations, such as Nyamayenje market grounds, Kebisoni market grounds, a Feacal Sludge center, as well as Nyakibale Upper and Lower, Kahororo, and Kinyasano Primary Schools. The ambitious goal was to complete these facilities by July 2024, and initial inspections appeared to be on track.

However, the construction of the toilet at Nyamayenje market grounds hit a roadblock. Troublingly, it appears that certain authorities in Rukungiri District and Municipality attempted to divert the toilet facility away from its intended location, suggesting possible corruption-related motives.

This diversion of resources has raised concerns about the transparency and integrity of the project. More alarmingly, the Feacal Sludge construction was mysteriously halted, further complicating matters.

These illicit actions and delays may have dire consequences for the project’s timeline and funding. If these issues persist, it is likely that the construction will extend beyond the official World Bank funding window, which is set to conclude in 2024.


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