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Christians in Bwambara Archdeaconry North Kigezi diocese Rukungiri district have asked Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe to lobby for water projects from the diocesan WATSAN program to provide safe water in their area to overcome the water scarcity.

WATSAN is a project which operates in two dioceses of North Kigezi and the Diocese of Kinkizi in providing and constructing safe water in water-stressed areas to improve sanitation.

Christians led by Gershom Kwizera, John Muheru the Kakoni COU head of laity and Canon Samuel Kabagambe head of laity Ihimbo church of Uganda behalf of Christians said their area faces the challenge of using un clean safe water which has resulted in some Christians being affected with water-borne diseases.

They revealed that previously the diocese constructed some water tanks in different areas of Bwambara which help people to get clean water but because of increased population and distance, they are now appealing to the diocese to construct for them more water harvesting tanks in the area to help people.

Kwizera narrated that some walk long distances in search of water for home consumption, and for animals which is hectic and time wastage.

Bishop Onesimus Asiimwe the North Kigezi diocesan bishop said that he realized that many areas in Bwambara are water saying that now they will try what they can afford as the diocese through the WATSAN program to see how these areas can be helped although their WATSAN program account is not well.

He explained that they used to receive funds from donors from outside countries but they reduced after donors reduced learning that Uganda approved the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

He, therefore, called upon churches to utilize church land to grow more coffee to boost their income so that they can depend on their capital to solve such problems.


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