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On Sunday, at Katojo Church of Uganda Parish in Rwancerere Archdeaconry, Kahungye, Ndorwa West County, Kabale District, the Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi, Rt. Rev. Gaddie Akanjuna, presided over the confirmation of 32 individuals into the Anglican Faith.

Drawing from Luke 18:35, where Jesus encounters a blind man near Jericho, Bishop Akanjuna urged Christians to maintain unwavering faith in God, emphasizing its transformative power.

Encouraging the congregation to uphold timeless principles and ethical guidelines in family life, Bishop Akanjuna stressed that a foundation rooted in faith not only nurtures spiritual growth but also leads to prosperity.

He highlighted Jesus Christ’s central role in family life, stating that households built on His teachings are destined for success, contrasting them with families lacking spiritual guidance.

Additionally, Bishop Akanjuna emphasized to the Confirmands the importance of fostering a deep connection with Jesus Christ, facilitated through the Holy Spirit they had just received. This, he stated, would serve as the cornerstone of their spiritual journey, guiding them towards righteousness and fulfillment.


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